The Fighter Physique Volume 1

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The Fighter Physique Volume 1

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Get SHREDDED like a Pro Boxer-without ever getting HIT


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“World Champion Chris Algieri and Dr. Michael Camp team up to give you a combined workout and diet plan to get you in the best shape of your life!”

Ever wonder what it takes to be fit like a fighter? Ever notice how lean and strong a boxer’s physique is? Now you can have the secrets that have gotten World Champions in top fighting shape- and best of all? Now, You don’t have to get punched in the face to do it!

Dr. Camp and Chris Algieri have been working together for over 9 years, including Chris’ World Title winning fight Vs Russian Provodnikov and his World Title fight Vs. Manny Pacquioa. Using Dr. Camp’s experience and programing in strength & conditioning- go through the workouts that he used to get Chris Algieri in tip top, 12 round Boxing Shape. Along with Chris Algieri’s Nutrition Program so you can be ripped and still have gas in the tank!

Here's what Dr. Camp had to say about The Fighter Physique: Volume I:

"People of both genders everyday aspire to improve their health, learn new nutrition strategies, understand how to apply training concepts and make getting in shape FUN! The ‘”athletic body” type is a term you hear everyone throwing around today- You want to be toned, strong, and in good health...This is the definition of a fighter’s physique! 

Chris and I met each other 9 years ago, when he came into my office suffering with knee pain.  Chris had a strong educational background in nutrition science and started asking about strength training he could utilize with boxing. 

Some questions he asked:

“How can I maximize muscle gain, decrease body-fat, and maintain my flexibility and mobility?”

-Maximizing muscle, decreasing body-fat is no problem, but we had to keep Chris at a certain bodyweight and stay fluid and fast in his movements.

These are similar questions we hear from our clients on a daily basis. They want to lose body fat and improve muscle tone, but don’t want to get bulky or lose flexibility.  

“I need a program that is fun and time efficient”.

-How about combining a fitness routine that builds toned muscle, teaches you boxing drills, and still allows you to eat great foods?

This program addresses all those concerns, successfully!

Chris Algieri had this to say:

"I couldn't be more excited to be working with Dr. Camp to share our training protocols from the better part of the last decade to share the wealth of fitness and health!"


What to expect from Volume I:

-A comprehensive resistance training program with detailed descriptions of mobility, strength and conditioning exercises to increase training efficiency and maximize results. 

-Introduction to boxing workouts teaching the basics of punching, defense, footwork and fighter conditioning for the everyday man or lady to train like a CHAMPION.

-An introduction to a basic fighter nutrition plan to fuel your workouts and turn you into a fat burning machine. 

-Fat-burning workouts and circuits that will get you shredded in as little as 4 weeks.

-A grocery shopping list and food prep list to outline how to approach the daunting task of prepping for a week of a fighter.

-A list of the nutrients and food needed to fuel a fighter to be lean and strong.

-A sample meal plan of what Chris Algieri eats in a week of intense training.




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