Breakfast: A Cliché?

“The Most Important Meal of the Day” 


I say cliché, because we have all heard “breakfast is the most important meal of the day, BUT it’s actually true. If we think about the name of the meal, “Break-Fast” it explains the importance of having a healthy nutritious meal to start your day- we are having our first sustenance after the overnight fast that is our sleep. If you think about it that way, you have not eaten in 10-12 hours, and your body is hungry at the cellular level. You want to “wake up your cells” with high nutrient content food that is not too heavy but also filling and balanced. 


Another reason breakfast is so important is because it wakes up your metabolism to start the day for your body. Most people wake up and go right for the coffee to wake up their brain, but neglect the body. If you skip breakfast, your body and metabolism are running behind; which can throw off the whole rest of your day’s meals, energy levels, and even your circadian sleep rhythms! You want to think of your metabolism as a camp fire that we want to burn steadily throughout the day. We all know the best way to keep a steady fire going is to periodically feed with small amounts of wood- feed your body the same way. Get the metabolism going as soon as you wake and feed intermittently throughout the day with small frequent feedings. Now you are a fat-burning machine!!


Even if you are not hungry in the morning for a large meal be sure to eat something AND that your dish is balanced- DON’T FORGET THE PROTEIN. Protein is very important to keep you feeling fuller longer. Eggs, yogurt, skim milk or even a supplemental powder are great source of protein for your morning start. Think protein, some colorful fruit, and a nutrient dense high-fiber carbohydrate source (oatmeal, whole wheat toast, granola, high-fiber cereals). Don't forget the fat either! A little butter, some avocado, olive oil, nuts and seeds can round out and complete your meal. And hey, if you find a way to sneak in some dark leafy greens or colorful veggies then more power to you! 


FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Be conscious of the amount of fat in your meal because fats contain 9 kcal/gram as opposed to proteins and carbohydrates, which contain 4 kcal/gram. Doesn't make the fats bad but moderation is key here.


The Perfect Vegetable Omelette



2 whole eggs (preferably organic free range omega-3)

2 egg whites

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

Grass Fed Butter


Roma Tomato

Feta Cheese (low fat, low sodium)

Fresh Basil

Sea Salt

Black Pepper

Cooking Instructions:

Combine whole eggs and egg whites and beat vigorously until uniform (salt to taste)

Heat pan to medium-high heat

Add EVOO to pan and allow to heat until the oil shimmers

Add butter until melted

Add beaten eggs and cook until edges begin to raise

Add diced tomato, feta cheese and arugula to center and cover

Fold over the center, shut off heat and allow to sit for a few moments

Plate carefully crack pepper on top and top with fresh basil leaves 


Also pictured:

Diced fresh watermelon and pineapple topped with chili powder

Pan fried purple skinned sweet potato topped with cinnamon

halved grapefruit

Black coffee

V-8 low sodium